China AppStore Download Tutorial

1. iOS and Mac version of GoToCN needs to be downloaded using a non-Chinese AppStore account.

  Here are 5 Apple accounts for login and download: (note the password case)        Bingxing123456        Dingren123456        Wugui123456        Yigeng123456        Bingxing123456        Dingren123456        Wugui123456

    ount, you can refer to the IOS10 version registration in the Help Center and the IOS11 version to register the foreign Apple account process.

Note: The Apple account we provide only supports downloading and cannot perform payment operations. You must register with GoToCN's official website and purchase the package, which will take effect after all terminals log in.

2.Open AppStroe. If you have already logged in to the China account, you need to click the user avatar in the upper right corner to exit. If you are not logged in, you     can log in directly to the registered Appstore account and log in.


3.After logging in to a foreign account, it will automatically jump to the corresponding area.



4.Download method.


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