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Front-end engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1.Responsible for the overall architecture design and implementation of the front-end work;

2.Responsible for the development of PC, mobile and other front ends;

3.Responsible for communication and coordination with product personnel and designers to complete the technical realization of design content;

4.Responsible for the animation effects required to implement the page, improve the user experience。

job requirements:

1.More than 3 years relevant work experience;

2.Proficient in Ajax, Javascript, DOM, BOM, JSON and other front-end technologies, at least understand a JS library, and have a certain research on the efficiency and performance of JS,

3.Proficient in HTML/XHTML, CSS, research on HTML5, CSS3;

4.Familiar with jQurey, YUI, Ext, prototype, etc. js framework;

5.Have a certain web page layout planning and cutting ability;

6.5 years and above experience in Internet products, industry-related product experience is preferred.

Job Responsibilities:

1.Design, development, testing and maintenance of ios client products;

2.Implementation of the iOS version of the application based on the requirements of the product manager or operations;

3.Independently complete the problems found in ios software development, verification and correction tests;

job requirements:

1.Proficient in using Objective-C, with a good C/C++ language foundation, and a deep understanding of the MVC framework;

2.Skilled in developing tools such as iPhone SDK, XCode, and Interface Builder,

3.Familiar with memory and performance optimization strategies, as well as memory leak and garbage collection processing mechanisms;

4.Proficient in network programming, including http protocol, TCP protocol, JSON data parsing, understanding various encryption algorithms;

5.Proficient in various UI component design, including tabbar, navigation bar, UItableview, cell, etc., to understand UI performance optimization methods.


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Cooperation vision

We sincerely hope to have extensive and in-depth cooperation with various Internet companies, network operators, online games and online video platforms,
Work together for common development。

Business advantage

GoToCN Network Acceleration Platform is a platform for Internet users to provide real-time Internet interaction and accelerate network access. The platform has many years of experience in Internet network operation and development, and has maintained a high level of technical development strength, innovation awareness and products in the industry. Excellent service concept and growing user scale。

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