Can I refund after purchase?

We provide you with a comprehensive refund guarantee, where users who purchase GoToCN members, if they are not satisfied with the acceleration effect, can refund according to the following rules:

1. First time charge, and less than 3 days, a full refund can be made;

2. If you do not recharge for the first time or use for more than 3 days, the refund will be deducted from the already used portion and the remaining amount will be refunded.

Refund process

1, contact online customer service for refund;

2. Deduct the expenses of used parts by the number of days (monthly package amount/30 days* days used)

3, funds arrive.

       After the refund application, the system will return the refunded amount to the payment account in 1-5 days. Since the arrival time specified by the payment platform is different, please pay close attention to your account dynamics. In addition, if your order has exceeded the refundable time specified by the payment platform and the amount cannot be returned, you will need to provide a new account to receive the refund amount.

Special instructions:

Users who pay via Apple iOS Purchase and Google Play purchases are refunded by contacting Apple or Google themselves and refunding them according to their refund policy.


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